Begin-Again-Logo-for-OCOPWhat is OCOP? A dynamic series of writing, performance, activist and community-building events held across the globe for people to gather to write, tell stories, perform or discuss a common theme. OCOP cultivates greater civility, deeper dialogue, higher hope and a larger sense of personal and community purpose. Participants can share their responses on this website, weaving each unique event together so we can discover our shared and diverse voices.

What’s This Year’s Theme: Begin Again, explored through many angles, such as how do I begin again–personally, professionally, and relationally? How can my community begin again? How does beginning again relate to humanity’s pressing needs and to the needs of our ¬†earth? ¬†How shall we “begin again” to connect across faith, race, ethnicity, class?

Where & When does OCOP happen? OCOP happens for the first six months of each year, Jan. 1- June 30, 2014 this year. Click on the Calendar and Where to find events already set, and check back for new postings.begin-again

Can I be a OCOP host? YES! All you need is some fire and passion, imagination and vision. The Transformative Language Arts Network will support you with promotional materials, ideas for topics, venues, coaching, cheerleading and applause. You get to decide your own way to bring people together to riff off “Begin Again,” whether through a writing workshop, storytelling circle, salon, or multi-arts exploration. Here’s how you can host an event.

How are OCOP events be documented? All events will culminate in this extensive, interactive website showcasing participants’ writing, experiences, and insights. If you host an event, you can send us photos, samples of writing, video, audio, etc. for us to post (with permission from participants). If you participate in an event, ask your event host to forward whatever you would like posted.

Participate: Please visit this page for the details on how to participate.

New this Year: One City One Prompt Events will be showcased at the 2014 Power of Words Conference just outside Kansas City, MO.