Last Letter Writers


Last Letter Writers

Spoon Jackson

Could you imagine a world without artists? No composers, no painters, no actors, no writers, no sculptors, no singers, no musicians, no film-makers, no dancers, and no poets. What is a world without hand-held, heart-written, letters? An unnatural, barren landscape, a touch of lips instead of a kiss.

People in prisons might be the last letter writers in the world, like the Dead Poets Society or a lost ancient language. Some folks in the free world have never received a letter, not a sad of happy letter, not a real love letter that touches hearts and souls. Some people have grown up without ever having written a letter or even knowing how to address an envelope because the art and the soul of letter creating has become truncated, abbreviated, and high-tech. But you cannot replace the stars the sun or moon with a pen-light, flflashlight, or spotlight.

E-mails and tech-mails and whatever mails in space will vanish over the years, but the written word stands strong like a mountain. Letter writers create words in their own unique, beautiful and ugly way—the hand, heart, and body language on paper. The connection that each letter writer creates will be lost like Atlantis or the Fountain of Youth. Letter writing, like a delicious dance gifted from the goddesses, may then be considered only dark art, practiced by just a few people.

The magic of a pen melting into paper, embraced in your hands, shows the tension and the depths of you spirit, shows how excited or relaxed you are. Letters the footprints of your soul, like no other’s. They are body, heart, and spirit language, molding letters in one’s own way, in any language, is an art form that has been passed on from cave-dwelling days. An art form as old as poetry and storytelling.

Letter writing is vanishing like the polar bears and their melting homes. Prisoners may be the last letter writing communities in the world. I’ll start The Last Letter Writers Club. The last letter writers united in the struggle to keep letters alive. So, write someone and be part of the last letter writers! We are running out of people to write.

There is something freeing about creating letters, something that nourishes and replenishes even the most stubborn, hardened, and often the most unworthy hearts and spirits. Letter writing offers unity of the mind, body, and soul, and sometimes gives the shadow side of ourselves a way out of the darkness, a way to share that dark energy in a harmless and creative way. So, write a letter and be part of the community in the struggle of the Letter Writers United.

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