Kansas City’s Turning Point: The Center for Hope & Healing, Part I


Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing offers workshops and services for people living with serious illness. This model of a non-profit brings learning and resilience opportunities to children as well as adults facing cancer, M.S., Parkinson’s, diabetes, and many other serious physical illness. One of the opportunities is a bi-monthly writing retreat with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, held on a long Sunday afternoon at the center. At the March 9th writing retreat, 25 people gathered to write about what beginning again, a topic especially appropriate for those living with serious illness themselves or serving as someone’s caregiver. Here are some of the videos of people who wrote that day:

John Willison reads his poem, fresh off the page, about beginnings and beginning again. See it here:


Bev Fosher’s “Begin Again” also speaks to new life:


Berkley Harden writes about hard and surprising new beginnings:


Brian Bachoroski on beginnings (you may need a facebook account to view this):


Teri Mahoney writes about new beginnings while living with late-stage cancer:

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