North Shore, MA

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1010607_701312803232596_1901301424_nBegin Again: Family Songwriting, with Amber Ellis and Kristen Proctor

Topsfield Town Library, 10 am Saturday, Feb 15

Amber Ellis is a graduate of Goddard College’s Transformative Language Arts graduate program, and spends her time freelance writing, editing the TLA journal Chrysalis, facilitating writing workshops, raising three boys, and squeaking out a little creative writing on the side, for fun. She dreams of one day finishing a novel or two and supporting mothers everywhere in their pursuit of positive development and joy through writing. Amber lives in a little green house in North Shore Mass with her lovely troupe of boys

KP pngKristin Procter is a motherwriter who currently lives in Massachusetts, was born Canadian, partnered with a Brit, and birthed Australian babies. Her greatest transformations bubbled to the surface through mothering and writing.