Gainesville, Fl

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Event: Civic Media Center, Gainesville, Florida, 433 S. Main Street in Downtown Gainesville
Facilitator: Kirsten Stone

Summary: The workshop will be held at the Civic Media Center, a reading room, alternative library, and community activism space that’s been serving the Gainesville community for 18 years. To paraphrase Lynda Barry, once you put something into the world of images, you can’t take it out. Kristen believes that something happens when writers (people) read to one another. The act of writing in the presence of others, in a held space, is vital to her own sense of pain, possibility, and transformation. In the summer of 2010 she facilitated writing workshops with groups of teenagers and elders at a summer camp, and the experience convinced her that community writing workshops are a vital means of creating connection and accountability across difference. When we share the space of writing, we ask each other, what comes after writing? And what is writing for?

Kristen Stone has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology/women’s studies from Rollins and an MFA from Goddard College. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Women’s Studies Quarterly,, the Pitkin Review, Elephant, and Autumn Sky. In addition to writing, she works as a farmer and domestic violence advocate in Gainesville, Florida.

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