Unity, ME

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Event: Common Ground Fair,Unity, Maine, Spotlight Stage, 5 p.m., September 24.

Facilitator: Deb Hensley, cerulianwarbler@gmail.com

Summary: If you’ve ever been to the Common Ground Fair, you know — and if you haven’t been, anyone who has will tell you — it’s an event like no other, that brings together so many people from so many walks of life, all in the spirit of celebrating community and the rural and agricultural traditions of Maine. Deb Hensley and her singing mates from vocal ensemble Improvox will be setting up writing stations all around the fair inviting fair-goers to respond to writing prompts about what community means to them and how to make community come alive in their daily lives. Selections from the these writings will be incorporated into vocal improvisations and audience participation numbers for their set.

Improvox: If you’ve ever heard Improvox, you know their jubilance is contagious, their a cappella harmonies are gorgeous and their dissonance is daring. Incorporating elements of jazz, folk and traditional music, Improvox will surprise everyone including themselves, with a performances is never the same twice.Improvox invites you to join them at the fair as they sing YOUR writing and bring your ideas and inspiration about community alive in song. Improvox members include: Deb Hensley, Kathy Slack, Fred White, Martin Swinger, Matt Loosigian Contact: Martin Swinger (207) 626-0165 or MrtinSwngr@aol.com OR Deb Hensley at 207/382-6317 or cerulianwarbler@gmail.com.

  • Dr. Fred White is a clinical psychologist who advocates singing as a healing activity.
  • Deb Hensley is the Director of Early Childhood Programs in Belfast, Maine and an early childhood consultant promoting the value of music play in literacy for young children.
  • Kathy Slack is a vocalist, humorist, and teacher of communication, public speaking, and voice, seeking to develop community with fellow musical souls.
  • Martin Swinger is a music educator teaching songwriting skills to young students and a contemporary singer/songwriter with CD’s as well.
  • Matt Loosigian is a children’s music teacher, family choir director, songwriter and all around talented guy!

ImproVox explores vocal sound and harmony like a dancer explores space and rhythm, like a painter explores color and form, like a songbird explores the sunrise — with joyful anticipation of something WONDERFUL on the horizon.

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