San Diego, CA


Event: Letter Writing for Community, Washington, DC

Facilitator: Tiffany Beard,

Summary: One City, One Prompt is using art to build community, and letter writing communicates community via personal text as art not only for the language, but for the doodles, stickers, stationary, penmanship, color, grammar, and text placement. Even an email can serve a textual artistic purpose. Why not use the art of letter writing to build community.  Through an act as simple as letter writing, one can open up the community of self and invite others to do the same. I think that there is power in written word and self acknowledgement, especially to others. Writing a letter to oneself is an act of personal community, and I think it would be good to get that personal community shared.

Tiffany Beard is the quintessential Renaissance Gal. An accomplished writer, singer, and performer; Tiffany is committed to helping fellow artists collaborate for social change. Tiffany is a member of ASCAP, The National Forensics League, and Transformative Language Arts Network.


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